Our Jet Setter Dance Board Now Comes With Its Own Backpack!

We are so excited that our most portable dance floor just got more portable!

The Jet Setter dance board, which weighs only 3 to 4 pounds and is 23 inches in diameter, is already super light and easy to carry around. But THIS MONTH our shipment of Jet Setter Backpacks will arrive!

(NOTE: Typically, you will receive your Dance Daze Dance Board within 3 weeks from your order date; however, if you order your Jet Setter + Backpack before May 30, 2022, there may be a delay of about a week. Meaning, you’re welcomed to PRE-ORDER anytime in May, but we are not expecting our shipment to arrive until the last week of May 2022.)

So you will get a portable dance floor and a backpack to carry your board and all of your belongings all in one!

You may purchase your Jet Setter and Backpack by clicking HERE.

Questions? Email info@dancedaze.org or text us at 916-378-1952.

All Sprung Dance Boards Coming January 2022!

At Dance Daze Dance Boards, we pride ourselves on being a company that celebrates color, diversity, and doing good for the world. One of the ways in which we try to embody our motto of #DanceWellDoGood is by using sustainable materials in our products that will both support your dancing and also improve or do no harm to the earth.

Since January of 2021, we have only used FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified wood for each dance board that we cut, paint, and ship to our customers. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of forests all over the world. In using FSC Certified wood, Dance Daze Dance Boards is supporting the protection of indigenous lands, ensuring that the wood we use is harvested from sustainably-managed forests, and only using harvesting lumber with trees will be replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

We are happy to announce that in January of 2022, Dance Daze Dance Boards will continue to create more sustainable products and products that support your dance training by making all of our boards with sprung floors!

A sprung floor is considered the best kind of platform for both dancing and athletic training, as sprung floors help to enhance performance and reduce injuries. Sprung floors are created with a foam or rubber bottom or backing, which absorbs shock and provides a bit of movement (or “give”) in the performance surface. While un-sprung floors can put more stress on the joints and muscles when dancing, sprung floors help to return energy to the feet, joints, and muscles, when dancing or jumping, helping to reduce fatigue and therefore to reduce the chances of injury.

In addition to the above, the foam bottom that we use for Dance Daze Dance Boards provides a slight bounce, reduces fatigue, and provides traction for using your dance board indoors our outdoors.

While our skid-resistant dance boards are great, we want to provide the highest quality products possible to support your dance training, and we believe that sprung floors do this!

Over time, we hope to replace the current foam that we are using with FSC Certified natural rubber, which will further support the protection of forest ecosystems, including the plants and animals that inhabit them, and ensure safe and fair working conditions for the people who harvest the rubber.

Why Use A Dance Daze Dance Board?

As you may know, when the world first began changing at the beginning of Covid-19 hitting, I immediately began creating something every day. Part of this creation included me regularly recording educational dance videos outdoors in my front yard, both for children and for adults.

This regular activity of creating outdoor dance videos of taking action in an unprecedented time helped me in the following ways:

  • Gave me regularity, stability, and a sense of control during a time when everything was spinning out of control;
  • Gave me a feeling of responsibility, which is highly motivating for me;
  • Provided me with a sacred time where I could tune out the rest of the world and focus only on what I was creating, whether that was Instagram Lives, short dance videos for content marketing, or longer instructional videos for my free classes for adults at online.dancedaze.org;
  • Allowed me to experiment, express, and re-discover myself as an artist and as a creative person.

With all of these positive benefits that I experienced, listed above, I am happy that my partner offered to build me my own dance board so that I could continue my practice, experimentation, play, and creation. The sprung dance floor he originally made for me quickly evolved (because, I am an entrepreneur after all) into the Dance Daze Dance Board™.

Here are some of the reasons I believe the Dance Daze Dance Board™ can be useful to you if you are an adult dancer practicing at home or the parent of a child who is studying dance:

  1. The Dance Daze Dance Board™ might be safer than the surface on which you/your child is currently dancing at home. Dance Daze Dance Boards™ are made by hand with solid wood and a thin rubber bottom, which makes it skid resistant. The wooden surface is also better for dancing on than a carpeted floor, no matter the style of dance.
  2. When paired with a portable ballet barre from Amazon (linked my influencer shop!) and perhaps some mirrors from Target, you can use the Dance Daze Dance Board™ to create a mini home dance studio for yourself or your child.
  3. The Dance Daze Dance Board™ gives great sound for tap dance and absorbs some shock in the way that it is semi-sprung (with a very thin rubber bottom layer).

If you’re interested in purchasing a Dance Daze Dance Board™ for yourself or for your child, you can grab one from DanceDazeDanceBoards.com!