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Live Online Classes

We offered in-person dance classes at various locations, including schools, community centers, country clubs, and fitness studios from 2010 through the early part of 2020. Beginning in mid-April of 2021, we will have live class offerings available for all ages. Please follow Dance Daze, Inc. on Instagram and on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings. We will also update this website when our live online class offerings are finalized.

Handmade Dance Boards

We began creating handmade, wooden dance boards during the summer of 2020, inspired by our founder’s efforts to create educational dance videos outside on her front lawn. Our dance boards are skid-resistant and come in a variety of sizes. Each Dance Daze Dance Board™ features a pop of color for movers, shakers, and dance makers living a colorful and creative life! Check out our dance boards at DanceDazeDanceBoards.com.

Online Membership

Created in April 2020, Dance Daze Online is a virtual dance education membership for children ages 2 to 10. In addition to a library of nearly 100 dance classes for kids in Creative Movement, Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, we provide downloadable educational materials, such as dance terminology flashcards, writing activities, and coloring books. We are always updating our membership community with new digital products! Visit online.dancedaze.org to learn more or to sign up for a FREE trial!

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You Know What They Say: A Failure to Plan . . .

When I was younger, one of my favorite comedy movies was Sugar & Spice. (I have an eclectic taste in movies, so we’re not here to judge this reference.) If you know me, you know that I tend to really like quotes, cheesy though they may be, and one that I picked up from the…

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Foggy Today? Focus on the Future

What keeps you going when you’re just not feeling it as a creative entrepreneur? As I’ve said before: Even if we completely love what we do, we won’t love every single minute of every single day of what we do. For example: I absolutely love being an entrepreneur and directing dance programs. But I strongly…

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Reasons Why You Should Start Today

I take my time with everything. Everything. I don’t believe in doing anything before I’m ready. Except, that is, when it comes to entrepreneurship. When it comes to business and creativity and getting ideas out there I believe the following: There’s more where that came from. (You can’t “run out” of ideas or creativity. There…

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