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Live Classes

We offered in-person dance classes at various locations, including schools, community centers, country clubs, and fitness studios from 2010 through the early part of 2020. Since the summer of 2020, our founder, Saumirah McWoodson, has occasionally taught live online ballet barre classes or beginning tap dance classes via her personal Instagram page, @MissMcWoodson. Follow @MissMcWoodson and @DanceDazeInc on Instagram for the latest information on any live classes we may be offering.

Handmade Dance Boards

We began creating handmade, wooden dance boards in the summer of 2020, inspired by our founder’s efforts to create educational dance videos outside on her front lawn. We have both sprung portable dance floors and skid-resistant dance boards in a variety of sizes. Each Dance Daze Dance Board™ features a pop of color for movers, shakers, and dance makers living a colorful and creative life! Check out our dance boards at DanceDazeDanceBoards.com. You may also follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook: @DanceDazeDanceBoards.

Online Membership

In April of 2020, we began offering an online dance education membership designed for children ages 2 to 10. In addition to a library of nearly 100 dance classes for kids in Creative Movement, Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, we provided downloadable educational materials, such as dance terminology flashcards, writing activities, and dance-themed coloring books. Though we are no longer offering this program, we are so grateful to everyone who participated in a free trial and we are eternally grateful to those who subscribed to this online program!

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Using Your Dance Daze Dance Board for Photo Shoots

Have you ever had your own photo shoot, where you were the model, photographer, lighting director, and stylist?  Dance Daze Dance Boards Co-founder Saumirah McWoodson does this all the time. Keep reading for some tips about how to use your Dance Daze Dance Board in your own photo shoot, with just you, your board, and…

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Where to Use Dance Daze Dance Boards

Do you want to be able to practice your dancing absolutely anywhere? With Dance Daze Dance Boards, you absolutely can! If you follow Dance Daze Dance Boards Co-founder Saumirah McWoodson on Instagram, you probably already know that she loves using her dance boards outside. She loves taking photos in the natural light and not having…

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Why We Created the Dance Daze Dance Board

There are so many terrible things in the world, but we wanted to focus on the good. We created the Dance Daze Dance Board because we want to celebrate life and do all the things that bring us joy. We want to create memories of dancing outdoors, laughing and twirling in the sun, using all…

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Top 2 Dance Daze Dance Boards

Want to guess what our 2 most popular dance boards are at DanceDazeDanceBoards.com? If you said The District and The Cosmopolitan, you’d be exactly correct! The District is our board that is most frequently purchased and both The District and The Cosmopolitan are the products that people compare most frequently when they visit our website.…

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