Reasons Why You Should Start Today

I take my time with everything. Everything. I don’t believe in doing anything before I’m ready. Except, that is, when it comes to entrepreneurship.

When it comes to business and creativity and getting ideas out there I believe the following:

  1. There’s more where that came from. (You can’t “run out” of ideas or creativity. There will always be more.)
  2. You owe it to the world to get your ideas out there. (Why wait? It’s probably already been done before anyway, and it’s probably already being done currently in a similar way. But the world needs it from you. Which leads me to . . .)
  3. Your voice is unique. (Guaranteed: I can find it somewhere else, probably free or cheaper. But it won’t be from you. You’re the magic of what you’re making.)
  4. The fears are usually methods of procrastination. (Yes, someone might steal it. That’s happened to some of the best. It still won’t be yours. No, it won’t be perfect, but get it out so that you can get proof of concept and improve over time based on real-life feedback from your audience/consumers/the people who are invested in your work and are paying you for it and paying attention to it.)
  5. What you put out today won’t be your best. (But if you’re a true artist and a true professional, you’ll get better over time. I used to teach all my dance classes with a binder of notes on the floor and use the same exact playlist for at least 4 weeks straight. I got better over time. But my students who took classes from me when I would spend precious moments of class reading my typed detailed notes because I was so afraid of making a mistake and when I’d play the same music several weeks in a row because I thought it was just so perfect for my class and couldn’t bear the idea of using different songs, they needed me then. The world needed what I was offering then and I needed those early first experiences so I’d have somewhere from which to go further. I needed a baseline. I needed to begin the work.)

So, while you won’t see me impulsively rushing into friendships, marriage, buying property, eating twice as much as I’d planned, or adopting a new dog, you’ll see me getting my ideas out there fairly quickly.

I owe it to the world to get my ideas out there. They’re good ones. And they’re getting better every day.


Why Use A Dance Daze Dance Board?

As you may know, when the world first began changing at the beginning of Covid-19 hitting, I immediately began creating something every day. Part of this creation included me regularly recording educational dance videos outdoors in my front yard, both for children and for adults.

This regular activity of creating outdoor dance videos of taking action in an unprecedented time helped me in the following ways:

  • Gave me regularity, stability, and a sense of control during a time when everything was spinning out of control;
  • Gave me a feeling of responsibility, which is highly motivating for me;
  • Provided me with a sacred time where I could tune out the rest of the world and focus only on what I was creating, whether that was Instagram Lives, short dance videos for content marketing, or longer instructional videos for my free classes for adults at;
  • Allowed me to experiment, express, and re-discover myself as an artist and as a creative person.

With all of these positive benefits that I experienced, listed above, I am happy that my partner offered to build me my own dance board so that I could continue my practice, experimentation, play, and creation. The sprung dance floor he originally made for me quickly evolved (because, I am an entrepreneur after all) into the Dance Daze Dance Board™.

Here are some of the reasons I believe the Dance Daze Dance Board™ can be useful to you if you are an adult dancer practicing at home or the parent of a child who is studying dance:

  1. The Dance Daze Dance Board™ might be safer than the surface on which you/your child is currently dancing at home. Dance Daze Dance Boards™ are made by hand with solid wood and a thin rubber bottom, which makes it skid resistant. The wooden surface is also better for dancing on than a carpeted floor, no matter the style of dance.
  2. When paired with a portable ballet barre from Amazon (linked my influencer shop!) and perhaps some mirrors from Target, you can use the Dance Daze Dance Board™ to create a mini home dance studio for yourself or your child.
  3. The Dance Daze Dance Board™ gives great sound for tap dance and absorbs some shock in the way that it is semi-sprung (with a very thin rubber bottom layer).

If you’re interested in purchasing a Dance Daze Dance Board™ for yourself or for your child, you can grab one from!