Dance Daze After-School Programs

If you’ve been skimming through our site for a while, you know that we often talk about how in addition to training pre-professional dancers at our static location in Hayward, we also go into schools and community centers to teach dance!  It’s one of our favorite things to do!  Check out the (very blurry) video below of Dance Daze classes for beginning dancers in an after-school program! We’ll be posting more videos in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep checking back for updates!

Thankful for Dance

thank you note for every language

We at Dance Daze are thankful for several things…

  1. We get to do what we love every single day by teaching dance.
  2. We have dedicated students who have fun learning with us.
  3. We get to enhance lives through arts education.

Because we are so inspired by the work that we do, and in honor of this month of gratitude, we will be offering discounted 1st Time Drop-In Classes! Starting today and through Monday, January 3rd, 2011, you can try your FIRST CLASS for only $10.00!

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The regular price for a 1st Time Drop-In Class is $18.00, and you will still pay this price for a 2nd class if you do not enroll in the Dance Daze program after your first class.  So this is a really awesome deal!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s dropped in for classes with us so far, and the BIGGEST THANK YOU to our wonderful students and supportive families. We really appreciate you trusting us to educate you and your children in the art of dance!

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Saumirah McWoodson,
Dance Daze Founder and Director

Insights from Last Week

I had some great insights in my classes last week that I wanted to share with you!

First, I realized that 1 hour per week is simply not enough to train a budding ballerina! I’ve been working with one of my students for about 6 weeks now, and I simply love how willing she is to work hard at improving her ballet technique. Yet, every class we had together felt so very rushed to me! In each of her classes, I’ve been including floor barre, barre, center, and traveling exercises, and though I’ve written and re-written her classes several times to try to make everything fit better, it simply wasn’t working out. So I spoke to her and her parents about it, and we all agreed that it would be best to not only extend her class time to 90 minutes per class, but also to increase the number of classes she has per week! I’m so excited to begin this new system, where we won’t feel pressured to skip exercises and shorten explanations, all for the sake of time! Now, with 3 hours of training per week, I know we’re going to make great things happen for her!

A ballet dancer doing barre work.

Second, I learned a new trick for getting my youngest ballerina babies to really use the brushing movement of their front leg when doing grands jetés! Many of my young Creative Movement students also take gymnastics classes, so, even at only 4 and 5 years old, they are more aware of how to use their bodies than the average young dancer. This is really helpful for me as a dance teacher. We usually do leaps over colorful noodles at the end of our 45-minute classes. Two weeks ago, I began having them jump over colorful yoga blocks, positioned so that the students have to jump higher to get over them.

Yoga Blocks on

This was great to have them understand the feel of really using their pliés to really get off the floor and into the air.  Last week, I wanted them to really start brushing and extending their leg in the air for a greater amount of time. I stared at those foam boxes for a few moments, and it finally came to me: I needed to have them start their jumps farther away from the item they were hurdling! To do this, I needed to have them jump over more than one item.  So I started putting my foot in front of the foam boxes.  This forced them to do several things:

  1. They had to run really fast to gain enough speed to start their jumps farther back.
  2. They had to focus on the actual jump more to make sure they wouldn’t trip over my foot or knock over the foam box.
  3. They had to really throw their leg up in front of them and extend it to get over more than one item.

Still, a few students were afraid to really commit to the jump.  The greater distance required to leap over 2 items was a bit intimidating to them, so they would do half-run, half-skip sort of thing up to my foot, then sort of pretend to jump over my foot and the block one at a time. I can remember having some of the same fears when I was their age.  I think some of my biggest fears were the vault and running and jumping into a forward roll in gymnastics practice. Maybe in the coming weeks, I’ll move away from improving technique and place more attention on dispelling fears.  :)

I’m having so much fun working as a dance educator, and I can’t wait for all the new discoveries I will make as I continue this work that I love!

Always Planning for the Future

A toe rise, performed during an acro dance.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

As always, I’m already thinking ahead to things that I want to do with Dance Daze in the future!  I’m not going to share all of my latest ideas with you (because what would be the fun in that?!), but I will share a few.

First, I’ve decided that we will be having a special Family and Friend Observation Day at Dance Daze at the end of the Fall Term.  Our students have been working (and getting worked!) so hard, and I’m sure they would love to show off some of what they have been learning.  I envision this Observation Day being a performance-style class demonstration, where the students will be able to show off their newly gained skills and improved technique.  This format will also help them further develop their performance qualities to prepare us for spring and fall performances in 2011.  The performance will be open to all family and friends of students, as well as to the communities of Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Oakland, and the greater East Bay.  Look out for more information about this Observation Day coming up next month.

Here is an example of what a Class Demonstration can look like:

Second, I’d soon like to offer both a Pre-Professional Program and a Recreational Program to meet the needs of all our students.  The Pre-Professional Program will be for students who wish to pursue a professional career in dance, have a strong passion for the art, and wish to commit to additional hours of training in order to further develop their technique and skills.  There will be a required number of classes for each level of the Pre-Professional Program.  The Recreational Division will be for students who want to dance for fun, increased strength, health, and confidence-boosting, with no desire to pursue a professional career. The Recreational Division will have a suggested number of classes for each level. Entrance into the Pre-Professional Program will occur only by audition or Instructor Recommendation.

Third, I’d like to increase the length of our ballet classes for the Pre-Professional Program!  For classes offered to children ages 9 and up, I would like each class to be 90 minutes.  This means you or your children will be getting an extra 30 minutes of training in each class, for the same price! I think that with all of the information students receive in each class, it simply makes sense to increase the length of class time, so that they actually have a chance to let the information sink in and to ask more questions.  One-hour classical ballet classes are simply too rushed!

That’s all for now!  Thoughts or questions?  LET US KNOW! Drop us a comment on this blog, or email us at DanceDaze1[at]gmail[dot]com!

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Saumirah (Dance Daze Founder and Director)