Use Your Studio Time (Even If No Students Are Present)

Have you ever shown up to teach your dance class, fully prepared and ready to go, but no students are there when it is time for class to begin? So maybe you assume they’re stuck in traffic. Five minutes go by. Still no students. Maybe you check your email quickly. Perhaps one student isn’t feeling well. Okay. Cool. Get well soon. Where is the rest of your class?!

If you’re just starting out your dance business, it may be a frequent occurrence that you have an empty studio because students aren’t yet committed to their training, or maybe they’re just trying out your classes and dropping in when their schedule allows. Maybe, despite your best efforts at social media marketing, flyer distribution at local preschools, attending in-person networking events, and trying to get that word-of-mouth marketing going at local playgrounds, you just haven’t had any students showing up for your classes!

Fret not. There are still ways you can use your studio time wisely, whether you are renting studio space for your small dance business, teaching classes for someone else, or directing your own dance studio.

Think of the 45 minutes or 60 minutes as a time to create, create, create. Don’t waste the time or feel annoyed that everyone decided to miss class today. Take your lemons and make some dance lemonade! In the Dance Daze® How to Use Studio Time (When You Have No Students) Checklist, we give you 5 ways that you can you can be productive in your studio space, even if you don’t have students to teach.

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