Don’t Forget to Run Your Business!

In last Monday’s blog, I told you how prepared I was to teach my first dance classes at a new location, working to expand my business. I explained how, even though all my planning was essentially all in my head, I would be using the Dance Daze® First Class Checklist to cross my Ts and dot my Is. I wanted to be over-prepared for my new students and my new classes. I was completely focused on the educational experience my students would have while exploring the world through music and movement. It’s great that that’s where my head was! The problem is: I completely forgot to mention that I would be entering the dance studio as both a dance educator and as a business owner.

In addition to having a lesson, playlist, and props for my students, I need sign-in sheets, a registration system, and a first aid kit when I teach! When I go to teach, I am not just an artist; I am also an entrepreneur.

So if you are starting your own dance business or expanding to a new location, don’t forget to run the business-side of your dance education organization! We are artists and educators as much as we are directors and CEOs. Keep that frame of mind the next time you walk into your studio!

Oh, and here’s this week’s freebie! Grab the Dance Daze® First Class Business Stuff Checklist FREEBIE to make sure you have all you need for the business side of your first dance class and all future dance classes!

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