Move Your Body — Indoors or Outdoors!

For the past several months, I have enjoyed dancing outside in various spaces! While my personal journey of dancing outdoors began because of COVID-19 and wanting to find new and safe ways to dance and to create dance education content for others, dancing outdoors is something I want to continue doing!

While dancing inside of a studio is great, I enjoy dancing outside because it makes me feel excited in a different way! I feel braver, less critical of my technique, and more aware of my breathing when I’m dancing outside.

What about you? Does dancing outside give you a different experience than dancing inside of a studio or other indoor dance space? Which do you prefer?

In the Dance Daze Fall Activity Book, children are invited to answer the above questions and more! This seasonal activity book includes some foundational information about the elements of dance, writing activities, and several coloring pages. This activity book is included in membership for members of the Dance Daze Online program, and it is also available for purchase for non-members! Check it out here:

Happy dancing!

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