What Are Your Favorite Photo and Video Apps?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that I absolutely love all things social media. I completely understand the potential negative effects of spending hours per day starting at a screen and how, in some ways, social media is causing my generation and the coming generation to be less skilled in communicating in person (which I talk about a little in Episode #2 of the Happy Dance Podcast). However, I choose to focus on the positive aspects of social media–connecting people, staying in touch with family, creating new communities, giving us additional ways to find friends and partners, and, of course, sharing our business ventures with the world with easy-to-use and cost-effective marketing tools.

If you check out the Dance Daze YouTube Channel, you will see that I’ve been editing videos for nearly a decade now. (You can also see that I’ve gotten better at not attempting to record video while I’m jumping around and dancing with my students then publishing a bunch of shaky camera recordings under the guise of “artsy” . . . .)

And, nearly a decade later, I still absolutely love using photography and videography to document my teaching and learning, save and share memories, and to visually showcase all that I’m offering through my businesses. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who edits videos from a cell phone, but, in fact, it is now something I do on about a weekly basis. I have my favorite video editing apps, but I’m always open to learning about the newest products out there that will display my dance education organizations in the best light (literally–who has the best filters?!).

In browsing different photo and video editing apps in the Apple App Store this past weekend, I noticed that one app I’ve been using for a while is in the top 20 of photo and video apps! That made me wonder what other photo and video apps are ranking high in the App Store world.

I compiled this list of the Top 20 Photo and Video Apps in the Apple App Store! Not all of the apps are directly related to business at all (and, more than I would expect are specifically designed to edit selfies . . . .), but I found a lot of great apps on there that I will be checking out this week!

Be sure to download the freebie, and let me know what your favorite photo and video editing apps are and why! I’d love to learn what you’re using to promote your business!

Chat soon,


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