Immersing Myself in the Dance Community

If you’ve been following me online for the past few months, you may have noticed that I’ve been doing a little re-branding. Besides adding (read: squeezing in) a few new hobbies–such as USTA tennis, recently returning to blogging, and, oh, launching some new projects–I’m still doing most of the same activities I was at this time a year ago.

I’m still having a blast in my innovation-focused doctoral program, I’m still running Dance Daze, Inc. and Dance Daze in Schools, and I’m still a proud dog mama of the most perfect rescue pups in the world. But I’m being more intentional about the lens through which I see and do just about everything. This way of thinking definitely applies to a few areas of my life, but the lens I’m speaking of now is my lens as a dance educator and dance business owner.

When I was applying to doctoral programs in education, I knew that I wanted my research to focus on dance education in some way. Now, I know that I want to specifically focus on creating more opportunities for dance educators by researching/creating/highlighting the best training programs for dance educators in the United States.

Last summer, when I participated in the Sacramento Ballet’s Summer Intensive Program, I knew that I wanted to have a fun experience, get a little bit back into dancer shape, and gain some new ideas surrounding choreography, improvisation, and contemporary dance. After participating, though, I was reminded of the importance of continuing professional development for dance educators.

When I spontaneously signed up to participate in the Dance Ed Lab‘s introductory course in Los Angeles, California, I was excited to get a refresher of Laban Movement Analysis, synthesized in a way so that I could immediately bring fresh ideas back to my dance students in Dance Daze studio classes and in Dance Daze in Schools classes. After participating, I was reminded of how important and transformative the work of dance educators is, and I felt even more compelled to continue doing the work that I am doing.


Last Friday, May 17, 2019, when I had the pleasure of being one of 13 individuals chosen to be on the Subject Matter Advisory Panel for the new California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in Dance, I went in feeling honored to do important work for dance educators throughout my home state of California. I left feeling incredibly proud to be part of a community of thoughtful, intelligent, passionate, educated individuals who use movement education to bring goodness, celebrations of diversity, hope, and opportunity to our world and to the next generation.

So today, I’m doing a happy dance because I’m so very grateful to be a member the dance community in California and a member of the dance community all over the world.


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