Online Teaching with Podia

The true Millennial that I am, I’ve always loved the Internet and social media. Though I’m sure my design skills were sub-par compared to the Internet Blogging Queens I admired back then, I had my first web domain at the age of 14. I’ve been sharing my thoughts and ideas online–through blogging, creating graphics, or editing videos–ever since.

Now, after 10 years of being a dance educator and running my own businesses, 5 years of being an elementary teacher, several years of mentoring college students completing service-learning internships through teaching dance, and a couple of degrees under my belt (including a Master of Arts degree in education), I’m ready to put all of these experiences together and begin creating online again–in a big way!

I recently began developing an online course, coaching program, and membership program for experienced dancers who want the specific steps on launching their own dance education business. Thanks to an awesome website called Podia, I’ve been able to do this with confidence and to have fun as I create.

So, while I absolutely love the Internet and can often align myself with the mindset of many digital creators or mediapreneurs, I only began listening to podcasts a few months ago. I have a few favorites that I follow, and I believe it was one of the guests on Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show that casually mentioned they might try out Podia for a course hosting site. The short and sweet name stuck with me, and I Googled it later that evening.

I immediately fell in love with the look of Podia. The affordable pricing, though it still provides everything that some of the more expensive course-hosting sites offer, was also extremely appealing to me. When I began looking into Podia, I just wanted to create a single online course. But when I found out I could also use the site to create and sell a membership program and digital downloads, as well as use the site to create and publish emails–including drip content, I was even more excited.

What’s also neat about Podia is that they have top-notch customer service. For all the impatient creators, like myself, who don’t want their flow messed up simply because they can’t find a button, this site is wonderful. When I use their pop-up help box, someone has answered me in real-time in a matter of minutes (or seconds) 9/10 times. When I didn’t receive an answer within a couple of minutes, the answers to my questions were emailed to me the same day.

I’ve honestly also been surprised with the amount of information about online content creation that Podia gives away for free. Though I haven’t delved in yet, I’ve been considering creating a webinar as well, after reading through Podia’s educational resource called “How to Use Webinars to Launch Online Courses.” I’ve been really impressed with the amount of detail that is put into their resource articles, and those have made it really apparent to me how much they want their clients to succeed.

I’ll definitely be sharing more about my online course, Dance Ed Startup, in the future, but I wanted to hop on really quickly (while I’m on a layover on my way to Germany!) and let you know about the awesome platform I’m using to create all the cool stuff over which I’m currently obsessing, in the best way.

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