Our first week of summer camp wraps up today, and I am so proud of the Dance Daze Team and all of our kids for making it happen! We are keeping the kids SO busy during the day that we’ve gotten multiple reports that little ones who previously had difficulty sleeping are now sleeping through the entire night!


As promised, the kids are engaged in several dance classes, yoga, and music classes throughout the week. They are learning choreography from different instructors, the basics of music, the elements of dance, dance vocabulary from different genres of dance, yoga poses, using their voices as instruments, and are being engaged in educational discussions on a regular basis as well.

We are so very grateful to have the opportunity to work with your children this summer! Thank you for entrusting them into our care!

We are working hard to provide them with a memorable, educational, fun, meaningful experience this summer by sharing our passions of movement and music with them.

We can’t wait for you to see us perform on Saturday, July 2nd!


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