Navigating Dance Daze

Good Morning Everyone!

If you have not yet visited Dance Daze for a class, you may not know what we mean when we say we are “located within Bridgehead Studio.” Bridgehead is a huge building that many artists share. The main Dance Daze studio is located upstairs, and when we have classes with 8 or more toddlers or 6 or more children/adults or for any tap dance classes, we use one of the larger downstairs studios.

A Dance Daze Parent suggested that we post more signs around the building to help new parents and students navigate their way to our studio more easily–so we did! Look out for the signs below upon arriving at 2516 Blanding Avenue if you are searching for Dance Daze! We hope these help you find us more easily!


Also, we do keep business cards, postcards, and fliers on the table in the foyer. Feel free to grab one or a few and pass them out to your friends or leave them at your child’s school! We’d appreciate it!

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