Thank You, Alameda!

Flag of City of Alameda

Since our first full month at our current location in Alameda was December of 2010, we’re excited and grateful that we’ve gotten so much interest in just a few weeks!

We’re also ecstatic that we’re finally reaching our audience through our favorite outlet–SOCIAL MEDIA!  In the past two weeks, almost everyone who’s contacted us about classes heard of us either through Twitter or Yelp!  (Thanks so much for that awesome first Yelp Review, by the way!!!  We really appreciate it.)  We’re also really pleased that people have been making use of our newly added Contact Form. The form is really great for helping us get a clearer idea of what you’re seeking in a dance studio, even before our first conversation.

Martha Graham said, “Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” In the same vein, discovering is all we’re doing right now! We’re excited to discover if Dance Daze is a good match for what you’re seeking in a dance program and if you’re a good match for us as well. We’re discovering the best ways to reach our audience and our future students! We’re discovering so much, and we’re glad that you’re part of our journey.

Since you’ve delved into the Dance Daze experience by reading this post, we’d love for you to try some classes with us! Even if you’re a few years away in age from the majority of students in the class, if your dance ability is at the same level as the rest of the class, you might find that you feel comfortable there. Or, if you are at a stage in your life where you’d like to begin some serious training, contact us about scheduling a new class time! If we’re free at that time, the class will be YOUR private lesson, until other people sign up! Even better: If you get used to the private lesson after a couple of weeks and don’t want anyone else coming in and ruining your groove, we can discuss customizing training for you and blocking off time-slots so you can continue your one-on-one training! Basically, we’re really flexible, and we really want to make sure that each student who enrolls truly feels that Dance Daze is their studio. We want all of our students to have fun, LEARN, and develop greater confidence in their dance ability, no matter the style. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, come check us out! Send us an email, let us know when you’re free to drop-in, and we’ll work really hard to make it happen!

Anyway, Alameda has been treating us very well, and we’re excited to continue growing here. THANK YOU, ALAMEDA for making us feel so welcomed!

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