• Dance DazeĀ® Creative Movement (ages 2 to 4)

    In this structured, high-energy, curriculum-based class that was created and developed by Dance Daze, Inc. founder and artistic director Saumirah McWoodson, young girls and boys are introduced to beginning ballet and movement terminology and positions. Students will additionally develop an appreciation for dance and music through the use of props and movement-based activities. Different props will be brought to class each week to engage students in their earliest experiences in dance education! Students will be exposed to a variety of music genres in this class, including classical music, rock, pop, and oldies. Essentially, we love to develop our sense of rhythm, learn fundamental dance elements, and have fun in this class! *Students enrolled in this class should be comfortable dancing without their parents and interacting with other children and the dance teacher. Parents are welcomed to watch for the entire class and sit as near as possible to their children, without disrupting the class. We do not provide refunds for students who do not participate in class.

  • Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop Combo Class (ages 4 to 6)

    This is the perfect class for children who have advanced beyond the Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet class and would like to begin exploring performance genres of dance. Dancers will develop their balance, flexibility, and musicality while learning beginning ballet, jazz, and hip hop dance technique. We will typically begin with balletic warm-ups, move into learning and practicing fundamental jazz and hip hop progressions and dance combinations, and end class with learning and practicing a jazz or hip hop dance routine. Students will gain experience moving to various music styles in this class, including kid-appropriate pop and hip hop favorites!

  • Classical Ballet & Contemporary (ages 6 - 9)

    This class will be co-taught by Dance Daze, Inc. founder Saumirah McWoodson, an American Ballet Theatre Certified Teacher, and another instructor who is well-versed in contemporary dance. This class--now 90 minutes!--will have about 45 minutes of ballet technique and about 45 minutes of contemporary. In the ballet portion of the class, students will develop proper coordination and body alignment through the study of classical ballet technique, which can be applied to various other styles of dance. Our contemporary dance class will allow students to develop their strength, musicality, and rhythm while learning to use movement as a form of expression. Students will learn to understand the fundamental elements of movement through experimenting with modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dance techniques and choreography in this class.

  • Ballet & Tap (ages 5 - 8)

    This is a great class for students who are interested in beginning or continuing their students of classical ballet or tap dance. We will learn and practice beginning ballet and tap dance movements and combinations. In addition to dance, we will focus on proper dance class etiquette and develop our listening and memory skills. The class will be divided as equally as possible between both disciplines (about 30 minutes of ballet and about 30 minutes of tap, with a few minutes to change shoes in the middle!), and students will learn a dance routine that combines elements of both ballet and tap dance. Students will gain experience moving to a variety of music genres in this class and will also practice counting music and moving appropriately to different musical tempos.

  • Jazz & Hip Hop (ages 5 - 8)

    In this class, students will participate in high-energy jazz dance warm-ups to help develop strength and flexibility. We will then move into jazz and hip hop progressions and combinations. Students will learn choreography that includes elements of jazz and hip hop dance in this class. Through exploring a variety of dance and music elements and in-class discussions, students will also be introduced to the history and culture of jazz and hip hop dance in this class.