• How to Pay for Classes

    You may pay for your child's Dance Daze® classes in person with exact cash or with a check made out to "Dance Daze." You may put your cash or check payment in the Dance Daze Money Box (found near the dance instructor's items) before class. An envelope labeled with your child's name and class is required for all cash payments. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you must pay for your classes in advance on our website. Please feel free to email saumirah@dancedaze.org with questions about tuition and fees before your child's first class.

  • Registration Types (2018 - 2019)

    • FULL-YEAR PRICING (includes 30 dance classes, 3 in-studio performances, 2 public performance opportunities, 1 year-end performance at a local theater, 1 dance costume, and 1 class uniform for each dancer!)
      • 1st child in family: $665
      • 2nd child in family: $599
    • NEW STUDENT PRICING (requires one-time $25 registration fee, per family)
      • Full Session (10 classes; $16 per class for 1st child in family)
      • Half Session (5 classes; $18 per class for 1st child in family)
    • RETURNING STUDENT PRICING (discounted pricing each session & no registration fee)
      • Full Session (10 classes; $14 per class for 1st child in family)
      • Half Session (5 classes; $16 per class for 1st child in family)
    • DROP-IN STUDENT PRICING (come when you like & pay as you come)
      • $20 per class for 1st child in family
      • $18 per class for 2nd child in family
  • 2018 - 2019 Class Pricing

    Registration Fee:$25
    Full Session (10 classes) 1st child:$160
    Full Session (10 classes) 2nd child:$144
    Half Session (5 classes) 1st child:$90
    Half Session (5 classes) 2nd child:$81
    Registration Fee:$0
    Full Session (10 classes) 1st child:$140
    Full Session (10 classes) 2nd child:$126
    Half Session (5 classes) 1st child:$80
    Half Session (5 classes) 2nd child:$72
    Registration Fee:$0
    1st Child in Family:$20 per class
    2nd Child in Family$18 per class
    3rd Child in Family$5 per class
    4th Child in Family$5 per class
  • Dance Daze, Inc. Policies

    • Tuition and fees are NOT REFUNDABLE, unless we cancel a class and do not offer an opportunity for a make-up class. If students miss a scheduled class or want to withdraw after class fees have been paid, no refund will be issued.
    • There is a $35.00 Returned Check Fee for each check that returns, for any reason.
    • Dance Daze must be notified of students' pre-existing medical conditions, previous injuries, and allergies on their Registration Form.
    • If a student must withdraw from classes, Dance Daze should be notified in writing (email saumirah@dancedaze.org) before the student's last class with us.
    • By enrolling your child in Dance Daze® programs, parents/guardians give Dance Daze the right and permission to use, re-use, publish, and republish photos and videos of their child in Dance Daze® classes or performance for promotional purposes in print and media formats.
    • Dance Daze reserves the right to dismiss or refuse classes to anyone who does not comply with our policies or who otherwise in our judgment disrupts the harmony and reputation of our dance program.