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Dance Camps

Dance Daze, Inc. offers dance camps for children and teens.We have week-long camps during seasonal breaks from school, and our summer performing arts camps, usually held in June or July, last for several weeks.

While dance is the main focus of our camps, students will also be engaged in a variety of educational experiences, including yoga classes, music classes, youth development activities, and fun experiences that are similar to a traditional camp, such as learning camp songs and going on mini-field trips.

All students have technique and performance classes in specific dance genres, as well as classes in music and yoga. Students also participate in health and nutrition workshops.

During our Summer Dance Camp, both Morning Extended Care and Afternoon Extended Care are offered. Snacks and relaxing activities are available for students during these times. Snacks are provided for students during the camp day as well.

Please email us at to request more information about our camps.

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