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“This is the most amazing, energetic, enthusiastic, fun, experience for my 9 year old. She loves her ballet class and can’t get enough of it. Saumirah is an amazing instructor and gives more than a 100% every time. THANK YOU!!!”
– a Hayward Mom (via Facebook)

“Loved the new school! My daughter who is 7 attended her first ballet class with Ms. McWoodson and she really enjoyed it!  She cannot wait to go back!!! The environment is intimate and the teacher is definitely very enthusiastic, fresh, and very capable.  She knows how to strike the balance between providing fun and structure at the same time. I highly recommend this dance company!!!”
– an Alameda Mom (via Yelp)

“My eleven year old son LOVES this dance program.  He is enrolled in Hip Hop and going to learn Jazz and Tap and choreography and dance basics in the summer program.  He loves the class,  it’s easy to park and get to.  The teacher is excellent and fun.  He always is excited to go.  TRY THIS OUT!!!!”
– an Alameda Mom (via Yelp)

“I had a very good time at your dance studio. I’d like to come back next Saturday.  I liked doing animal moves and running.”
– 4 Year Old Student (via her mother’s email)

“Thank you for making dancing so amazing for the girls.”
an Oakland Mom (via Facebook)

“My twin daughters really loved their first Hip Hop class. They are not easy to please, but they  loved it and responded well to Saumirah. She is an assertive, positive, and energetic teacher!”
– an Oakland Dad (via Yelp)

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